Cologne Chocolate Museum

Looking at the facade of the Chocolate Museum in the German city of Cologne
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Admission Tickets to the Cologne Chocolate Museum

Go on a sweet-filled adventure and learn more about the history of chocolate, witness a live production line and get a taste of choco-goodness yourself!

The History of Chocolate

Got a sweet tooth? The Cologne Chocolate Museum (German: “Schokoladenmuseum Köln”)

Understandably, most visitors can’t possibly leave the museum without picking up a few chocolate souvenirs. In the museum shop you will find a wide selection of chocolates and gift items that will remind you of your trip to the museum later on. Some chocolates were even made on the production line that you were able to observe in the exhibition.

Within walking distance of the museum you will find numerous underground car parks where you can park your car. Alternatively, Cologne Central Station is not too far from the museum if you are not afraid of a 20-minute walk through Cologne city center along the river Rhine.

The nearest bus and tram stations are Heumarkt and Severinstrasse, from which a 5-minute walk seperates you from the Museum Island. There is also a very centrally located public underground car park at Heumarkt.
Adults: 14,50 €
Children and students up to 18 years: 8,50 €
Children under 6 years of age: Free admission
Apprentices and university students: 11,00 €
Seniors: 13,00 €
People with disabilities: 8,50 € (Only with handicapped ID)

Separate prices apply for groups of 15 or more people.
The museum offers a wide range of different guided tours through the exhibitions, which all have a different focus. In the tours offered, you have the chance, among other things, to take part in a tasting, where you will learn how to make chocolate and how to experience the different flavors more intensively. These tours are also available with an English-speaking guide.

You can find more information, as well as dates and available spots on the official website of the Chocolate Museum.

Tickets to the Schokoladenmuseum in Cologne

Mmmm, this smells delicious! Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of chocolate and find out more about the history of the cocoa plant, how it came to Europe and what delicious temptations you can make from it.

Am Schokoladenmuseum 1A, 50678 Köln

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